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Our Company

Generic Exception is a Software Development company, providing businesses IT solutions. From consultation, designing, developing to implementation, from offsite backup services to data hosting, customizing and system enhancement, Generic Exception is your best business partner.


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Brand & Identity


Web Design


App Development

What We Offer

At Generic Exception, we believe that true innovation comes from applying technology solutions to real business problems, therefore we are here to provide guidance and software development expertise needed to excel in the rapidly growth IT industry.

Generic Exception provides a range of professional services including Design, Develop, Support and Maintain, Operate, Install and Host for Internet Portal, Internet Gateways, E-Commerce, Website Design, Web Application Development, Mobile Development and etc.

  • Web Design 100%
  • E-Commerce Setup 90%
  • Custom Web Application 95%

Core Features

Cool and Trendy

Coolest and most trendy designs including full screen sliders, layered slideshows, wide layouts and more… much more !

Responsive and Fluid

Your site will always look sharp and utilize 100% of your screen on every devices. There are no jerky “responsiveness points”.

Easy to Work With

Website layout is well organized and therefore intuitive and easy to use. Saving your precious time for more important stuffs.


We Make Great Software

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